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Jessica Lynn
9/11/2011 06:21:25

I ordered 4 blankets and LOVE them all. I also have 2 pillows for my kids. They felt so special when they received blankets and pillows custom made with their names on them. Plus the stitching and craftswomanship is just wonderful. Great job Joan!

Michelle C
12/6/2011 05:21:12

I just received 2 blankets for my kids and they LOVE them!!

Thank you Joan!!

meechele nettle
5/13/2012 08:20:24

Joan...you are sooo talented and creative! I bought 2 blankets and they were so perfect! Your creations have become and will now be the gift for all my friends and families new bundles of joy. I just saw the diaper tricycles...I can't wait till you get them up on the site. Thx so much!

Kathy Edde s
6/2/2012 09:12:02

Joan.... The talent u have (and patience....lol) is amazing. The stroller blanket u made for my granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL.... I love it! The quality and craftsmanship was outstanding! Great job Joan I can't thank u enough :)

Amela N.
6/12/2012 13:02:31

Joan is amazing to work with. This was my first time buying and I'm very pleased with her service. She puts customers first and will email you and contact you so fast. I'm very happy with the result and the fabrics we picked. My baby girl's blanket is ready for her arrival. I can't wait to wrap her in it :) Thanks so much!!!


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